It's Totally NOT A Guilty Pleasure

18:30 Pia Zakiyah 0 Comments

Insomnia has became my sweet friend since I've entered college. Even though she's gone in the last several weeks (and I don't have any idea where she went), but right now, she is knocking at my door.. And with or without my permission, she insists to stay. Yeah.. The very kind of sweet friend, indeed. She accompanies my journey through the night, offers the key to avoid sleeping. And unfortunately, I accept the offer.. And I cannot go to bed early. Poor me.

But hey, don't worry! I wouldn't call it a date with the insomnia. I have another companion! Here it goes..

Please say hi to green tea KitKat😁

It's a quarter after one, and all I can do is biting this amazing awesome gorgeous green tea chocolate! Argh.. Delicious! I don't lie! And I don't care eating this one would make me have more fat. I don't care. I don't feel the guilt. Because all i can feel is pleasureeee ahaha!

Actually this is my first time tasting this one. Too bad we cannot freely buy this product here. Maybe there are some online shops who sell it, but still.. Beyond ordinary and lil bit pricey (if we compare to the quantity). 

So thanks to my sister in law's friend who brought it from Japan because of that---I can bite it for free, hehe. 

I save some in the refrigerator in order to make it frozen. Hope the taste will be more delicious.

- P


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