20 Minutes Blogging

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The timer is on.. and here it goes! My very first challenge:

20 Minutes Blogging
I challenge myself to make this 20 minutes blog post because usually I will spend hours just to edit the pictures and think what sentences that I want to type. And I didn't realize that may be the reason why I become lazy again in writing something. Is it only me or it happens to other people too? 

Last month I joined the #30HariKotakuBercerita project which I didn't continue because I had my holiday in the middle of the project. Actually it's a really good thing that we can join to some particular blog writing project (so I can be motivated to write). But yeah.... lots excuses came and I couldn't resist. I didn't bring my laptop and I couldn't do it on my phone because all pictures related to the topics were not there. Uh! I was disappointed of myself. 

By the way, right now I'm in my recess time at school and on my second week of the Term 4. In few weeks, my contract as an Indonesian Language Assistant here will be ended and I have to go back to Indonesia. I'm in dilemma whether I have to be happy or sad. I'm happy because I can meet my family and friends (and the most delicious food in world, for sure!), but I'm sad because my experience in this Roo's country has to be continued (later) in the uncertain times.  

Away from keyboard makes me have lots of story to share. I wish I can write them all as soon as possible. Last school term was ended beautifully. My spring break was great! I visited Apollo Bay in the Great Ocean Road and cool beaches in Bellarine Peninsula with my host family and girl friends. After that, the girls and I flew to Sidney for couple of days. Didn't know that Sydney trip was awesome and unforgettable! We even met some new people from Finland, Netherlands, and Italia.  We went back to Victoria and had few days of Aussie's farm experience in Pyramid Hill as our last adventure on the last break. It's all delightful and we really enjoyed it. 

Unfortunately every good thing comes to an end, so did my holiday. I have to deal with it--to be back to work. I wish the term 4 would be quickly ended.. just like lots of people said. But deep down... my heart wishes not to be that quickly.

Oh right.. 20 minutes almost up! I have to end this post with something. What about sharing five songs I like these days? Hope you like it like I do.

Sarah Jaffe - Clementine
Boy - Drive Darling
On Your Knees - Gabrielle Aplin
Sara Bareilles - Bluebird
James Morrison - One Life
If you want to do the same 20 minutes blogging challenge to yourself, feel free to do it! You don't have to think too much, just write your current thought directly.



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